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The blog writer Mr. HasanAli Nodoliya is better known as Mr. HasanAli NRI among the people. He belongs to a authentic Shia family of a small village named "Badargadh" of Gujarat State (India)

His father Mr. Nurabhai is a retired car-driver and Mother Jamilabanu is a house-maker. He has 3 siblings as 1 elder brother named MuhammadAli and 2 sisters named Zayanab and Husaina.

Mr. HasanAli NRI has been completed his higher secondary schooling from well-reputed institute "Shree Vividhlakshi Vidyamandir" (Formally called Vidyamandir)
During the studies over here, he has been selected as a social worker by UNICEF, from here he has started work with UNICEF.
And also he has been selected for BAL URJA RAKSHAK DAL (Children Force for Electricity Preservation) by Gujarat Energy Development Agency-GEDA.

After completion of his higher secondary schooling, he has started an NGO named "all care foundation" in Palanpur with the help of his some classmate like Pooja Joshi, Hitesh Patel, Manisha Dabhi etc. Mr. HasanAli NRI is a President of that NGO. Currently, the NGO all care foundation is managing by Miss Farha Baqri Ji (Ex classmate of Mr. HasanAli NRI)

This is also a noteable thing that he has started this NGO in age of just 18 Year and the all directors of this NGO are students only. He has worked for some social service projects through this NGO.

For, according to his contribution into the sector of social service, the Planning Commission (Now known as NITI-PANCH) has choose him in the committee of NGO Portal.

He went to IT-City Bangalore for his studies of Diploma in Business Management. He has won Gold-Medal from Bangalore University for his excellent result in that studies of Diploma in Business Management.
During the tenure of Bangalore, he has been associated in INTERNATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL (A sub association of United Nation)

After completion of his diploma studies, he has joined "Maktabah Jafariyah Knowledge and Research Academy" as a student of B.C.A. (Bachelor of Computer Application)
He made some records over there, too. Like, Mr. HasanAli NRI got the first rank in University Youth Festival held at Ratanpur. So, he has been selected as university representative in all india level inter university youth festival. In all india level inter-university Mr. HasanAli NRI performed excellent and he has been awarded by Association of Indian Universities and Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, Govt of India.

He has gone for lots of competitions and been won most of them like Second Rank in KSV Paper Presentation at Kadi Sarva Vidyalaya, Third Rank in WISDOM (Research Competition) at North Gujarat University, Top-15 in all india level ANVESHAN Program (A student research convention) at PUNE University.

Now, Mr. HasanAli NRI is professionally engaged with Hotel Industries. He is working as a General Manager in a hotel of Shia Brother.

He is actively taking participation in Religious Conclaves, Business Meets, Educational Conferences, Research Events.

He is being invited in many events as a host or anchor as well he is being also invited as a speaker in many events and the invitations are sent by many organizations including KCG, Lions Club, Rotary, Yuva Unstoppable, GEDA, MAM, UNICEF, AIU, Planning Commission, GSDMA, Samhita, IYC, IY Organization etc.

He is also having designation of an Emergency Disaster Officer in Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority, Govt of Gujarat - India.

He is the founder and an admin of Husaini Shia Career and Employment Solutions. He has started an online consultancy for career and job development in Shia community.

He has been invented the planning of City Protection Plan of Disaster Management. The plans are being used by Govt of Gujarat for several cities. He has started an online CPP Portal and now he is the Chairman of City Protection Plan Portal.

He is a member of NGO Portal which is managing by Planning Commission, Govt of India.

He is the Asst. Ambassador of UNICEF and the Regional Chief Member of International Youth Council. Both are international organization as well child-organization of United Nations.

He is actively associated in Cultural Activities Cell of Association of Indian Universities, Delhi.

He is an Educational Adviser of Anjuman-e-Jaffaria, Poonch. And also Educational Counselor at Unicef as well.


As you know, the each and every work should start with a humble aim but to complete them you must have money. The money is required to complete any task.

We are running this portal on no-profit basis so we require a good amount of money. Even your little contribution can help someone. We are planning to expand this services to all over India as well as in whole world.

To continue our services we want your support. We are standing here and we are serving society is totally free of cost. We can't do anything without your support. We need your support. We request you to support us and make a donation as per your capabilities.
Donations are accepted from anywhere from world, to donate us please contact following;

Needy of Your Prayers,
Mr. HasanAli NRI,
Founder #EllyRaza Online Shia Resource Centre,
Founder #EllyRaza Hotel Consultancy,
Founder #EllyRaza Marriage Service,
Founder #EllyRaza School Consultancy,

Friendship Ambassador #UNICEF,
Chief Regional Officer #International Youth Council,
Visiting Faculty #VOS of NIOS,
Educational Adviser #Taha Foundation -IRAN,
Counsellor #Cultural Activities Cell, AIU -Delhi,
Educational Adviser #Teachers of India
Member #NGO Portal, Niti Panch -Govt of India,

Phone : +91-8347-614-814
Website :
Facebook :

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