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Why the name of this blog is started with term "EllyRaza"?

In the name of Almighty Allah, the beneficent and; the most merciful

EllyRaza Online Shia Resource Centre

There is a deep fundamentals about the Name of this blog. Why the blog is name is started with the word "EllyRaza"

The word "Elly" is a pronouncing name of Hazarat Ali Al-Murtaza a.s. in Turkish Language. Authentic sufi people of Turkestan used the word "Elly" to call Hazarat Maula Ali Ibn Abu-Talib a.s. and one more meaning of this word has been found in Irish Language.

The meaning of Elly in Irish Language is "Light" and I personally believe that Hazarat Maula Ali a.s. has came as a Light in the darkness of illiteracy period in Arab.

Raza name is a holy name of 8th Imam (8th Successor of Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.) Hazarat Ali Al-Raza (Al-Rida) a.s.

So, ultimately the name "EllyRaza" is a unique combination of above said holy names. And if I am doing such religious work than I have to start walk on the path of faith.

The blog is intended to spread the knowledge among the seekers of it. The blog is having Religious Books (Kitaabs) for reading purposes, Poems, Sad-Poems, Articles, Images, Videos, Information, General Knowledge etc. The regular visit may increase your knowledge (If the Almighty Allah wills)

The Blog is having separate pages for each category like Books, Articles, Literature, Images, Videos, Projects, Future Plans etc.

If you are willing to contribute in this blog in any kind of lawful way please contact us soon. We are happy to welcome you dear.

Inquiries are welcome!!

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