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Video 2

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Dr. Allama Iqbal Sufi Kalaam

Zahera s.a. ke Dil ke Chain, Maula Husain a.s.

Sohne Laal Di Mahendi

Salaam E Zaynab s.a. By Sanam Marvi

Sab Kuchh Husain a.s. Ka Hai

Rab Aap Preet Naal Banaaya Husain a.s. nu

Naara Tera Ghaazi Paak Da

Mere Ghar pe Saza Alam

Zamaane se Nahi Darna, Mai Toh Ali Ali Karna

Kar de Karam Alama Waaleiy

Joh Kahe Gaya Deen ka Rahebar

Ali Ali

Ghaazi Alama Waaleiy

Dil wich Ali Ali

Ali Ali Kar

Aisa Badshah Husain hai Ya Husain Hai

Abbas tere dar sa

Mere Murshid Maula Husain

Ali Ali Ali

Ali Haq da Imaam


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